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Reservation Policy


You can make your reservation online or by contacting us using our e-Mail or telephone. If you wish to make your reservation for a weekend, you will have to do it with an advance of 48 hours. If it’s for a week day, 24 hours will be enough. We require our costumers to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time so we can do all the necessary procedures.

Group Reservations - Fee

For group reservations (rental of more than 2 vehicles), SightSintra will retain the amount equivalente to an one hour rental per vehicle. At the end of the tour, that amount will be deduced from your final bill.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelation of reservations will be accepted with no charge, if they’re made at least with a 12 hour advance to the time and date of the tour. In this situation, SightSintra will return the total amount that has been paid. In the case of transfer, only the amount of the transaction will be refunded. If the cancelation is made before the 12 hour period, SightSintra will charge a tax of 30% of the deposit along with the transaction costs. In the event of the absence of the costumer at the time and day scheduled or in case the costumer doesn’t have the necessary documents (driver’s permit, ID or passport), SightSintra will not refund the deposit. All reservations will be considered invalid if the costumer doesn’t arrive until 30 minutes past the scheduled time. In exceptional situations (like weather conditions), SightSintra holds the right to cancel any reservations, in the condition of warning the costumer as soon as possible and suggesting a new date and time for the tour.